The P5 editor

A reference containing definitions and examples of all of the P5 language

Does what it says on the tin, go here if you want a more in-depth and better-articulated version of the start here page on this site.

Easy to watch video tutorials for P5 by Daniel Shiffman (I find a lot of video tutorials are really dry and unwatchable but these ones are a bit more human than most)

Website for a workshop run by Kingston grad Olly Bromham, for his coursemates at uni.

Also by Olly! an board loads of really good resources for learning to code

Shameless self promotion lol (a rough guide to creating a portfolio website)

If you want to learn more about coding for web outside of P5, this is an amazing, comprehensive and clear reference for everyone from beginners to professionals

Easy to follow, interactive coding tutorials where you can save your progress and learn at your own pace. HTML, CSS and JavaScript (the main web languages) all have free tutorials on here so it's great if you want a kickstart to learning to code for web (as well as computer programming).

Tim makes loads of experiments using P5 from a design perspective, and this tutorial has some great info if you want to manipulate type in your code.

An example sketch using body tracking with the webcam. This uses a library called ML5 which is basically out-of-the-box machine learning for the web with all the legwork of building an AI removed from it.

More links!

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